Single color Sole Molding Machine Techro DLX

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Techro DLX sole making machine, an advanced industrial equipment used in the production of shoe soles. Manufactured by Technocrat Mouldings.

TPR, PVC Sole Moulding Machine: TECHRO DLX

Machines to manufacture Welt, Insert & Veneer type soles.
Make highly profitable soles of top-notch quality even without the Expensive Italian machinery from TPR TPU and PVC.
SpecificationUnitsTechdual 1Techdual 2
Screw Dia 1st colourMM65 mm65 mm
Screw Dia 2nd colourMM65 mm65 mm
Screw SpeedRPM100-250100-250
Heating LoadKW6.412.8
Electrical MotorKW26.1152.2
Total Connected LoadKW32.5165.02
Clamping ForceTon100100
Production CapacityPair/Hour20-7040-140
Standard Mould SizeMM300x400300x400
Net WeightKG38006800
Machine Dimensions (W xlxH)MM1000x3050x28002000x3050x2800
Ejector ForceTon0.50.5
Oil CapacityLTR210350

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Single Colour Sole Making  Machine – TECHRO DLX

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