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Technocrat Was Established in the Year 1992 have been making world-class unit sole molding DOUBLE STATION
machines to process TPR, PVC & TPU material.

We manufacture extrusion-type as well as screw piston injection
type machines. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest precision tools and the latest machines to roll out a flawless


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Why Technocrat Machines ?

How it Works

Double Colour Shoe
Sole Making Machine
Airmix Airblown Shoe chappal
rotary molding machine.

PVC Paver & Tile Block
Molding Machine

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Our Products

Double Colour Sole Moulding Machine – TM 100

Single Colour Sole Moulding Machine – Techro DLX

Double Colour sole injection type – Techdual-In

Screw Piston Sole Moulding Machine – Tech In

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